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I can guarantee my commitment to serving your needs and goals. I can guarantee my commitment to providing you with the best of my knowledge, experience and effort. 

I cannot guarantee success for you and your dog, as much of that depends on you. I can give you the tools and the knowledge you need, but it is up to you to use them.

Teaching your dog is a team effort between you, the dog, and lastly, me, as the trainer.

You are the major player on the team and the level of success achieved by you and your dog is completely dependent upon your commitment to following through on the lessons taught with consistency and practice. Practice, practice, and more practice. Did I mention Practice?

You must commit to spending the time needed enhancing your dog’s knowledge and behavior.  You must also be committed to managing the dog’s environment for optimum results. You will get out of your investment in time, money, and effort what you put into it. Can you guarantee your commitment?

The results of your commitment will be well worth all the hard work you put into training your dog.  You can laugh with your dog.  You can giggle, chortle, snort, snicker, cackle and guffaw with your dog.

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At this point in time, dog trainers do not require a trade license in the state of Georgia or anywhere else in the United States. This may change and when it does I will be happy to take a state or federal examination to obtain a government issued license for dog training.

I am licensed for business through Forsyth County, Georgia.

Insurance and Bond

I am insured and bonded through The Business Insurers of the Carolinas



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