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My Creatures

Buddy resting after a rousing play session.

Buddy was born in November of 2006 and is a yellow lab, of the "Are you sure that's not a horse?" variety.  He weighs about 115 pounds now and I think he has finally stopped growing.   

Buddy loves to travel as much as I do and in 2008 we went on a cross country road trip.  We had so much fun! Buddy was a real joy to have along and got laughs, scratches and new friends all along the way.

Buddy is my “demo dog” and almost constant companion. He makes me laugh many times a day. He is everything I dreamed of; and more, by about 20 pounds! Click here for more Buddy photos.


Little is the newest addition to the family. She was one year old when I adopted her in January of 2010. 

Little is learning her basics very nicely. She is a typical terrier; a jaunty, bossy, energetic, and endlessly amusing little terrorist.  She runs with the big dogs and makes sure they are well aware of her presence. She also loves to cuddle.








Cyber hoping the camera is a treat dispenser.Cyber is a Siberian Husky rescued at the age of  approximately 18 months. She is now about 15 years old and is finally settling down (a little) from hyperactive black and white streak that flew by with barely a glance my way back in the days when it was safe to let her run off leash in my neighborhood. I was lucky to get a photo of her that is not blurred. She enjoys lap time, going for walks, digging for moles in the  woods, stalking the cats (in play not predation),  and trips to town or the park.

Cyber is a real “Drama Queen” and has been known to scream loudly as if being murdered when at the vet’s. All this BEFORE anyone there touches her. When we laugh at her antics and offer plenty of comfort she settles down and seems a little embarrassed.  She is a very vocal dog and I am treated to a serenade whenever I arrive home. She also offers husky howls whenever a siren passes by but settles down when thanked for the notification. She loves to run and management is the key to keeping her alive and healthy and here at home rather than roaming the woods and neighborhood or flattened on the highway.  I use a long line when walking Cyber and she ends up walking four or five times farther than Buddy and I due to her crisscrossing the path and running ahead and behind to check every smell.



KitKatJosie I also have two cats, KitKat and Josie, who still manage to befuddle me with their antics and love to tease Cyber. KitKat is a live female version of the cartoon Garfield, grumpy but lovable, and loves to nap. Josie, on the other hand, is more playful, affectionate and energetic. Josie is an in and out cat who usually accompanies me and the dogs on walks. 






In loving memory.....



Luka was a husky mix who came to me at the tender age of 3 weeks from a box outside of WalMart.  She was very sweet gal and I enjoyed knowing and loving her for the 15 years she graced my life.





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