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Positivity Project

Have You received one of these cards?

If so, thanks again for making someone’s day a little brighter!

Pass It On!

Little things add up to big things; the smile, the giggle, the warm fuzzy feeling felt by both sides of the interaction.  They all add to the positivity of our world.

Be Kind. Be Considerate. Be Helpful.  Be Aware.

Today I would like to encourage you to be selfish. Because being kind, being considerate, being helpful and aware, these “beings” make YOU feel better as a “human being”. And in making yourself feel better, you make the world a better place for us all.

It doesn’t take much effort to make a difference in someone’s day. Holding a door, helping with bags, picking up a dropped item, picking up a piece of litter and disposing of it, smiling, letting someone else go ahead of you in line, allowing someone to pull out into traffic, really listening to someone, offering a helping hand.  These are all little things, none of these activities cost you much in energy or effort.  But they DO make a difference, maybe a small one, maybe a larger one, but still a difference; in the lives of those you come in contact with.

It’s a ripple effect. Go make some waves!  Who knows, if we all start making those ripples, we may together create a tidal wave of Positivity that will sweep the world.

For more information on making differences check out these sites:

Pay It Forward Foundation

Random Acts of Kindness

The Giving Game

The Good News Network  

I Am Thankful

With much appreciation and admiration, I am grateful to Jessica of Puppy, Please! Dog Training for suggesting this idea. You Rock Jessica!


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