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Behavior Resources:

I am committed to helping you teach your dog what you want him to know, while making training fun and enjoyable for both of you. I know that the major reason pets are given up to animal shelters is because of behavior problems. I donít want that to happen to you or your pet, so my training and behavior services help you address the concerns you have about your petís behavior.

Itís much more effective and easier for you to prevent behavior problems than it is to correct them. Thatís why puppy socialization and basic training are so important. In addition to what you learn from me, I want you to know that I trust the Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists at Animal Behavior Associates, Inc. to bring you behavior information, products, and resources that are effective and based on scientific information. Youíll find many resources at and I encourage you to follow through and purchase the behavior education products I recommend. I want your dog - and your cat too - to be behaviorally healthy!

As a dog trainer, even though I donít work with cat behavior, I know that many dog owners share their lives with cats as well (I have two). Behavior resources for cats are more difficult to come by, and I am thrilled to have found a source for effective, sensible and scientifically based information about cat behavior and problems at From litter box problems to destructive behavior, helping cats get along with each other and with family members, youíll find the information you need there.

I welcome your feedback on these products and resources. Feel free to email your comments after youíve viewed, listened to, or read them.

 Information from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB)

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