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Welcome To Bark & Laugh Dog Training

I have an important question for you:

Have you laughed with your dog today?

I believe you should be able to enjoy being with your canine companions, laugh at their antics, smile when they do something cute, and enjoy a nice outing together.

A well-mannered dog can:

  • Go anywhere
  • Meet anyone
  • Get along with other dogs
  • Provide entertainment through “tricks” and games
  • Be calm in all situations
  • Be fun to hang out with
  • And most of all - be there to laugh with

Try a few of these activities with your dog and get the laughs going:

  • Take an enjoyable walk around the neighborhood or at a park.   Stop and enjoy the fresh air, sit on the grass, relax, have a picnic.
  • Have a coffee on the patio at your local coffee shop and get admiring attention from passersby.
  • Play a few games: Fetch, hide-and-seek, Find It!
  • Do a few tricks for family and friends!
  • Check out the Pet Supply store for new dog toys and smile as people admire and pet your pooch and tell you what a wonderful dog he is.
  • Go up to the mountains for a hike or just a drive. Take the time to wade and play in a stream if it is warm enough. (Don’t forget the towels!)
  • Certify your dog as a Therapy Dog and spread some “fur therapy” around

Are there problem behaviors that are preventing you from enjoying these activities or deepening your bond with your dog? Do the following issues stop your dog from participating fully in your life?

  • Pulling on the Leash when walking
  • Jumping up on everyone
  • Chewing or Eating whatever is accessible
  • Barking, Nipping, Pulling when greeting people or other dogs
  • Not coming when called
  • Too rowdy to take out in public
  • Doesn’t know any games to play with you
  • Doesn’t know any tricks
  • Has no manners or bad manners and you are a little ashamed of his behavior and your lack of control over it

I Can Help!

Does your dog have good manners but you want to add to his skill set with tricks or solidify some behaviors in order to qualify as a therapy dog or Canine Good Citizen? I can help you with those additional skill sets as well.

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